The World Is Mad

This world is just plain crazy and we see only a fraction of it. We are glimpsing life through media that bends and refracts both light and truth. Furthermore we are always short of accurate detail.

We take our views from sources as diverse as our parents - incidentally my parents are diverse in their views from themselves; the internet - a technologically accepted conduit for all things and nothing; TV and Radio which heavily self-censor due to government and establishment pressures; Likewise with newspapers and their slants on life based on an amalgam of owners views, the reflection and also slavish adherence to the views of "the people"...ie those who talk loudest.

From all this and more we expect that we can make sense of this. From these decorous ganishments we form opinions and forget that we are after all only animals. Of course, the animal is still there and the more extreme the controls, the more extreme we find the counter-reaction, resulting in such recent atrocities against civilians in Afghanistan. This is considered a far worse atrocity because the west were unprepared for it...a gross and terrible act because it was perpetrated at close quarters by (we are told) one soldier. When un-named missiles in Iraq killed hundreds (over time tens of thousands) this was overlooked or at best considered collateral damage.